Shake it off Naturally – SITRE – Self Induced Trauma & Stress Release

Using the bodies natural mechanisms, this set of movements and exercises takes the body to its natural space of releasing emotions, stress and trauma through vibrational movement.  An internal body massage releasing held stress, trauma and creating an inner calm.


Learn the techniques and simple tools for engaging the breath as a tool for releasing stress; increasing lung capacity; increasing energy; support posture and core strength.

Rhythmic Recovery 

Coming together in rhythm. Drum circles are vehicles for expression and feelings of joy.  Participating in group music making is a great way to learn about ourselves, and each other, gain confidence, learn how to work together, reduce anxiety levels and express ourselves in a way that is fundamental to who we are.  A medium for releasing emotions, enhancing relationships and increasing mutual understanding and connections with self, family and community. A unique way to experience team building. An expressive way to explore relationships.

Meditation & Deep Release – sound and vibrational body work 

Connecting to the breath, the essence of life itself.  Creating a space with sound to allow self work to begin.  In this space you connect with your inner self and the ancient sounds of harp and singing bowl take you to a place deep within you where all change begins.

The Natural Voice -Voice Activation Sound & Musicality

Exploration, creative and expressive communication through sound and music.  Reduce stress, release trauma and uncover your real self. Singing activates endorphins for well being and health and increases that feel good factor.  Transitional music, group singing, expressive songwriting. Releasing and activating the natural mechanism of voice for expression, for well being, for release.

The Cyclic Nature of the Fem  

Our cyclic nature is the cycle of life which creates our ebb and flow.  Understanding the seasons of our life cycle brings a powerful connection to who we are and how to empower our lives through the knowledge that this brings.

Aqua Programs

A health and fitness program working in water completely supported by the natural force of water. Weightless and suspended with no impact to body.

Designing programs for you with you

My uniquely designed programs and services can be individually packaged to your needs, yours goals and your desired outcomes. To create your explicitly individualised package contact me to book your free consultation.

Designing programs supporting life choices with you for you..

Service Delivery

My services can be delivered to best suit your needs:

Person to Person
One hour of You time where the focus is your own self care and wellbeing.  Delivered to you at a time and place that you choose.

Intimate group – up to 4 people
Self care and wellbeing with friends, family, work colleagues and mates. A unique way to experience a shared session and delivered in the comfort of your home;  an outdoor space;  and at a time that is convenient to you.

Corporate Business & Community

Providing Self Care and wellbeing programs tailored to your specific demographic, need and identified outcome.

Experience  creative and innovative team building; team dynamics; creative calm;  reduce stress, increase resilience.


Programs can be linked and meet the required outcomes based on the individual needs of the students, teachers, school community and curriculum.